Natural Yeast Pizza, Focaccia and Grissini (LEVEL 2)

The easiest way to make natural yeast bread is by using a quality starter to begin with. Two Mamas have  developed an excellent natural yeast which you can acquire by joining one of our natural bread making courses. Each course will have a maximum of 8 participants and every student will be making our recipes while we teach them.

Natural Yeast  Pizza, Focaccia and Grissini  (LEVEL 2) £65 pp

This course is for people who want to learn more advanced bread techniques. We will be teaching how to make focaccia, pizza dough and grissini.
You will need a little experience, although the basics of kneading and shaping will also be covered in this course.
During the course we will teach hand kneading and planetary mixers techniques.

If you have not attended our Level 1 course and yo do not know how to use Natural yeast ( Italian Sourdough) please book yourself into:

Natural Yeast start up class £10 
This short class is intended for those who wish to participate to a Level 2 class, but have not attended the Level 1 class or do not know how to use, maintain and store Natural Yeast. This class will be held 30 minutes in advance of any Level 2 class and needs to be booked at the same time of the Level 2 class you wish to participate to.
The students will be introduced to the basics of handling Natural Yeast and provided with a glass jar with 100 g of Natural Yeast to take home to start their own baking.

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